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Share this article Share The attack happened hours before Saudi Arabia was due to announce the country’s annual budget in a news conference expected to be attended by senior ministers. Reuters witnesses described hearing a blast and said they saw smoke in the north-east of Riyadh. It was the second Huthi missile attack on Riyadh in the past two months. The first attack, which targeted Riyadh international airport on November 4, triggered the tightening of a longstanding Saudi-led blockade of Yemen – already on the verge of famine. Saudi Arabia angrily accused its arch foe Iran of supplying the missile to the rebels, a charge Tehran strongly denied. On Thursday, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley presented what she called ‘undeniable’ evidence that last month’s missile was ‘made in Iran’. But her comments went beyond the findings of a UN investigation which reached no firm conclusion on whether the missile came from an Iranian supplier, saying only that it had a ‘common origin’ to some Iranian designs.

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The Washington Post, for whom Khashoggi wrote, and other Western media, have kept the story alive, increasing the pressure on Riyadh to explain its role in the affair. Khashoggi was a loyal member of the Saudi propaganda apparatus. There is no journalism allowed in the kingdom:

TX Dem Rep Says Caravan Of Illegals Has Left Mexico City And Is Headed Toward California. Trump Administration Moves to Restrict Asylum at US-Mexico Border.

The stage is set for the first major fashion week in the Kingdom and as designers from across the region frantically sew on the final sequin and trim those pesky hemlines, Arab News shares exclusive insights from Princess Noura bint Faisal Al-Saud, honorary president of the event organizers, Arab Fashion Council AFC , who shed light on the importance of this seminal sartorial event in Saudi Arabia.

With the market for luxury brands well established in the Kingdom, some of the biggest names in international fashion are attending the event, which kicked off last night with a glittering opening ceremony. We have so many talented designers in this country and such a love for fashion. But it was news that the next Arab Fashion Week would be hosted in Riyadh that went global earlier this year, catching the international fashion community off guard as they rushed to secure a seat for the set of shows.

Demand for the event exceeded expectations, promoting organizers to postpone so they could increase capacity. We love to dress up, to show our sense of fashion, and that is really appealing for designers.

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History[ edit ] The pyramids at Giza: Modern humans, homo sapiens, are believed to have originated in East Africa somewhere between Ethiopia and Kenya. North Africa, on the other hand, has a recorded history dating back several millennia with bountiful structures, writings, arts, and crafts which have survived to this day. The ancient Pharonic civilization centred in modern-day Egypt is recognized as the longest-lasting and one of the, if not the, greatest ancient civilizations lasting from around BC until the invasion of Persians in BC.

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Both sides, according to a White House official, agreed to limit the number of staffers who attended. Two other senior communications aides from the White House were included: Hicks, a loyal aide who has been at Trump’s side since before he announced his candidacy, was introduced to Pope Francis by the president as someone who has worked for him a long time. Other members of the traveling Trump team who are not practicing Catholics said they gave up their spots to accommodate Catholic White House aides.

But Spicer — a regular churchgoer who was mocked last year for appearing on CNN with ashes on his forehead in honor of Ash Wednesday — was notably absent. Playbook Power Briefing Sign up for our must-read newsletter on what’s driving the afternoon in Washington. You can unsubscribe at any time. Spicer, who has loyally defended Trump even when it has meant damaging his own credibility with the press, is expected to stay in a senior administration role, albeit one that is more behind the scenes.

He is not expected to continue the daily televised White House press briefing that has made him a household name and a viral sensation as a character on “Saturday Night Live” after Trump returns to Washington. Spicer declined to comment about his role or the audience with the Pope. Since day one of the trip in Riyadh, Spicer has not conducted a single on-the-record briefing with the traveling press.

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The leading scapegoat at the moment: It was all a big misunderstanding, you see. He was merely supposed to kidnap Khashoggi, not kill him.

The Omega truck is big. It’s just over 6 tons, about the size of the largest UPS or FedEx delivery trucks. The exterior panels can be quickly changed which allows the .

Land Destroyer What liberals should really be railing against, and what Trump supporters should really know about “Sharia law. What this man was likely not aware of as he made his lowbrow political statement was that the “Sharia law” he actually fears is called “Wahhabism,” and that his candidate of choice “Trump” was preparing to visit the very source of Wahhabism – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the American left remains convinced that their priority should remain resisting an alleged covert alliance between Russia and the Trump administration of which no evidence actually exists. They have made this a priority at the expense of exposing and resisting a documented and longstanding alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia that has endured for decades. There is common ground here for the American public, but only if the intentional distractions presented by the Western media from both right and left cover can be sidestepped and the truth revealed.

Wahhabism’s Source Code If the Islamic State is a virus, its source code can be traced directly back to Riyadh and the political regime that resides there. Riyadh chops heads off of offenders, the Islamic State does too. Riyadh oppresses women, the Islamic State does too.

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National and local governments across the country need to inspect the resilience of infrastructure against big disasters and take measures to repair and strengthen that which is found to be vulnerable to damage. Such a task is all the more urgent given the greater frequency of extreme weather, which is linked to climate change, and the fact that big disasters can hit anytime and anywhere in this country — as recent events have reminded us.

After southern Hokkaido was hit in the early hours of Sept. The government has ordered power companies across the country to examine their preparedness for big disasters to assess the risk of similar large-scale blackouts. Whether a system is in place to contain the effects of possible damage to power-generation facilities in the event of major disasters should be scrutinized.

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Saudi Arabia publicly pledged the payment to support U. The timing of the transfer, first reported by The New York Times , raised questions about a potential payoff as Riyadh seeks to manage the blowback over allegations that Saudi agents were responsible for Khashoggi’s disappearance. The State Department denied any connection between the payment and Pompeo’s discussions with Saudi officials about Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributing columnist.

Western diplomats suspect that the kingdom will also compensate Turkey for its willingness to launch a joint investigation on Khashoggi’s disappearance – a payback that could come in the form of large-scale debt relief, strategic buyouts or other arrangements that boost Turkey’s ailing economy. Khashoggi’s disappearance has hurt the reputation of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, whose close relationship with President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has put him at the center of the administration’s Middle East policy.

The business trip to Riyadh had been an uneventful one for Peter. Having just started with an American petrochemical company he had been excited to be offered the chance to travel as part of his job.

In service-intensive industries, it is the discretionary effort of people throughout the organization that improves operational and financial performance. Unleashing discretionary effort is only possible when companies provide people with a compelling purpose for the work they do. The high velocity performance system accomplishes this by combining three elements: Lean principles for service operations Despite the long-term rise of the service sector in most economies, the dominant paradigm for performance improvement still tends to derive from the world of manufacturing, particularly Lean techniques, which originated half a century ago in automotive factories.

Lean has proven quite successful in manufacturing settings, and Lean principles do apply to service companies or service-oriented units within manufacturers as well. Many service organizations, however, have difficulty creating results that they can sustain and improve over time. They may try to import a version of the Toyota Production System without adequately adjusting for a different service environment. Or they may focus ex-clusively on installing an initial set of processes and tools without creating the mechanisms to scale up for continuous improvement across the entire company.

Our work with many service organizations has allowed us to develop an approach designed to make Lean stick. Using this approach, we have helped companies achieve remarkable results across three dimensions: Companies lower costs, for example, by eliminating waste from operations and getting customer interactions right the first time, reducing rework and shortening decision cycle time.

Customer loyalty pays off in growth and profitability, because loyal customers buy more, stay longer and recommend the company to others. More efficient, first-time-right processes tend to delight customers and make them advocates for the company.

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Opt out or contact us anytime At West Point, he was on the football and wrestling teams and sang in the choir. He loved history and dreamed of leading men in battle. After infantry and airborne training at Fort Benning, Ga.

The Airbus A was flying from Paris to Cairo on May 19, when it crashed into the southeastern Mediterranean, killing 66 people, including 40 Egyptians and 15 French citizens.

Personal vaccines and virus therapy Personalized vaccines and viruses that infect and destroy cancer cells can help the immune system to build up a strong and specific attack against skin cancers. Melanoma cells typically carry many mutations, which results in the production of altered proteins not present in healthy cells. Vaccines against such tumour-specific proteins stimulate the immune system to target and destroy the malignant cells.

Patrick Ott at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, and his colleagues created personalized vaccines that each included 20 altered peptides present in tumours of individuals at high risk of melanoma recurrence. Of six people vaccinated, four remained free of tumours 25 months later. The cancer recurred in the remaining two, but completely regressed after therapy with PD-1 inhibitors — antibodies to the cell-surface protein programmed cell death protein 1 PD-1 that block the damping down of immune responses and so prevent cancer cells from avoiding destruction.

Ugur Sahin at BioNTech in Mainz, Germany, and his collaborators vaccinated 13 people with RNA molecules encoding up to 10 peptides specific to their individual melanomas. After 12—23 months, 8 individuals were cancer-free.

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